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Forklift Sales

Our  customized SAR brand forklifts have been in the Fijian market for the past three years. Assembled in a factory in Republic of China these forklifts have Japanese Engines, Cascade side shifts, Toyota seats and Shimadzu pumps. Most of our forklifts come with solid tires and triplex container compatible mast from 2 ton to 3.5 ton.


Our Mini Loader design 4x4 (all wheel drive) forklift can go anywhere and makes shifting a lot easier in non concrete surfaces. It comes with bucket attachments.  We provide full warranty on every sale as advised during the sale and have all backup parts, most of which are always in stock in Fiji.

Our company has more than 18 years of experience in small to medium forklifts and SAR forklifts have been chosen and designed by our directors as they are best suited for the Fijian environment. The new look of the machine will give any warehouse an attractive machine.  SAR colors are also reflective type and machines shall be visible even in very dusty areas. 

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