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Forklift Driver Training

Suva Forklift offers a variety of forklift training programs in Fiji.


As forklift operations and handling specialists, we strive to offer the highest quality training so our graduates are able to operate a forklift in an industrial environment safely and efficiently 


Our training programs are designed for beginner to experienced drivers/operators and range from 7 days to as little as a day. Our flexible training programs can be conducted on our client’s premises and our instructors are well-trained in handling forklift operations in the most challenging situations and experienced in a wide variety of load balancing techniques.

Our courses are divided into 3 levels : 
Basic Training - Forklift Truck Driver Training(3 or 7 day courses)
Pre-requisite: No experience, must know the Fijian Road code, and have a learner's permit.

This is an entry-level course designed for people who have just recently started the operation of a forklift or have some experience operating a forklift. This course involves both practical and theoretical training. They will receive training on the safe working practices applicable to forklift operations and sufficient practical training to ensure the operator is conversant and comfortable with operating the machines in a work environment.

Advance - Forklift Truck Driver Training (1 -3 days)
Pre-requisite: 5 years experience or 2 years experience with Basic training certification 
This course is for operators who like to further their qualifications or people with sufficient experience in the operation of forklifts and would like to obtain a formal qualification this course again involves theory and practical training and successful completion will result in the operator being certified in advanced operations of a forklift.


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